products for Empire Axe Pro 2015+

Sleek and lightweight custom AxePro body. As with most of our marker bodies, Swift bodies are fabricated in limited numbers.

The newest and most detailed version of our Fire-theme marker bodies is available for any AxePro marker. The Pro Fireaxe is a complete custom body that is created in limited numbers for a very unique custom AxePro marker.

Tactical-theme AxePro marker bodies are a throwback to simple milling with modern details. Our Edge series of marker bodies are 5-axis machined in limited numbers for a total custom AxePro marker.

The VLP style grip frame combines added ergonomics with an integrated low pressure air chamber all in one package. THis new grip provides both added comfort and enhanced performance.

Customized ASA/regulator backwards-adapter created to lengthen your tank setup. Marker not long enough? Arms too long? This is your solution.

This forwards-adapter will relocate your tank 3 inches forward and 2 inches down. This is a great option for front players trying to make one of the smallest markers even smaller!

Relocating your foregrip will create an entirely different feel on your Axe.

Drop-in single trigger system allows perfect retro trigger feel on any Axe Pro marker.

This new trigger guard easily upgrades any Axe Pro to utilize its full trigger area.

Use a threaded feedneck adapter ring to utilize an Empire-style latching feedneck with markers made for threaded feednecks.

Replacement standard hardware used on all Nummech accessories.

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