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Replacement air source adapter (ASA) allowing you to engage and disengage your tank while on the marker. Great accessory for any player using a bottomline mounted tank setup.

Customized drop forward for use with X7 markers, moving the tank over 3 inches forward. Although compatible with many markers, this drop forward is made specifically for the Phenom and non-Phenom edition X7.

Specialized drop forward for use with any ASA utilizing the T-slot mounting system from Planet Eclipse™. Compatible with virtually any marker frame.

The ultimate in custom accessories for all Invert/Empire Minis. Completely redesigned frame shape, integrated air transfer tube, altered ergonomics, integrated snatchgrip, and more. Also compatible with our drop forward and foregrip extender.

Built upon the success of our Mini VL frame, this version brings all the same advancements to the Axe platform. Also compatible with our drop forward and foregrip extender.

Replace the Mini/Axe stock foregrip with a new rounded upgrade.

This bolt-on accessory for all Minis and Axes will drop your tank and move it over 3 inches forward. This is a great option for all you front players trying to make one of the smallest markers even smaller!

Based on the success of our "Mini-only" foregrip extender, this item will adapt to either an Invert Mini or Empire Axe.

Relocating your foregrip will create an entirely different feel on your Invert Mini. This product has been replaced with the Mini/Axe foregrip extender.

Backend accessory to assist with snap-shooting and marker carrying.

An Alternative firing mode switch for any Battle Tested TM7 marker.

The revolutionary new firing assembly built for the FEP Quest line of markers. The 4B system takes paintball marker fluid dynamics to a whole new level. This upgrade assembly was manufacturered specifically for Thin Air Sports.

Non-paintball universal anti-vibration camera system for use with any round mounting point. Compatible with any 1/4-20 camera or attachment.

Protective attachment for any Contour™ camera, guarding against impacts and harsh conditions.

Quickly and securely mount cameras to your paintball marker's barrel using this device. Compatible with virtually any camera that has a 1/4-20 threaded screw attachment point.

Quickly and securely mount any Contour™ camera onto your paintball marker's barrel using this device. This product has been replaced with the Barrel screw mount.

New attempt at expanding barrel technology. This two-piece barrel design features an unusually long back section coupled with a progressively-ported front piece. Developed exclusively for Thin Air Sports.

Specialty Products Some of our paintball items don't end up being mass produced, but they may still be available in limited quantities. Check our listing of specialty items.

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