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Bob Long feedneck name change
Posted on February 15, 2020
Our webstore was just updated to change the name of our BLAST-style Unilock feednecks to "Gen-6" instead, to help differentiate the various mounting systems. In the near future we'll be expanding the Unilock feedneck options to a few other markers including the HK T-rex and PALS mount, so this name change should help to avoid mistakes when ordering. Check back soon!

Emek and Shocker CVO drops
Posted on December 7, 2019
We've added a new set of items for a few markers, including a Shocker CVO drop forward and drop back, and a new Eclipse Emek drop forward and drop back. All of these items are now available in black color.

Rebuildable threaded detents restocked
Posted on September 14, 2019
Our full array of rebuildable threaded detents are now available in all configurations and color options. In particular the SmartParts "short" style was previously unavailable but are now finished up and ready to ship. We also offer detents for Autocockers, Angels, and AGD ULE bodies.

Telos Autococker roller trigger and sear
Posted on August 9, 2019
Standalone Telos-series roller trigger plates and roller sears are now available! These components have been shipping as the pre-packaged components used in our Nautococker frames for a few weeks, and are now available separately for other marker builds. These components are 2k-compatible.

Drop forwards restocked for Shocker RSX, Tippmann X7, and T-rail
Posted on July 28, 2019
We are currently working to restock all backordered drop-forwards and drop-backs, while simultaneously updating the cosmetics for some of the older products to let them better match our more advanced items. Various styles of black drop-forwards are again available for Shocker RSX, Tippmann X7 Phenom, and Eclipse T-rail. We're working on more platforms which will be available within a few weeks.

Products planned for future release Below is a list of new items currently in late-stage development; they will become available in the upcoming weeks/months. We have a constant list of items in development at all times, but these below products are currently being manufactured, thus they will be released soon.

  • Bodies for Autocockers: full-length and mid-block Pyrococker and Necro-cocker bodies
  • Bodies for Automags: Pyromag, Necromag, and Edgemag
  • Drop forwards for N-Autococker, and Empire Vanquish
  • Drop backs for Empire Vanquish
  • Feednecks for PALS hopper and T-rex VCOM markers
  • Telos roller triggers for pre-98 Autococker frames

welcome to NUMMECH PRODUCTS | about us Nummech Products is a United States manufacturer of paintball accessories and upgrades. All our products are designed and fabricated within our in-house machine shop located in Michigan. We create many OEM products and accessories used in multiple industries, both paintball and otherwise!

Our paintball accessories are created out of necessity. We avoid making common parts already available from other developers - there are plenty available elsewhere, and no need to re-invent the wheel. Instead, we offer specialty upgrades that other developers have ignored, and many preference-based upgrades that only certain groups of players will enjoy.

We're continuously developing new ways to customize your equipment as more people bring us new ideas. If you have an idea for a new upgrade, custom part, or simply a replacement item....don't be afraid to let us know! Virtually all of our products originally began as suggestions from other players that simply wanted something different. Thank you for your interest.

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