products for Empire Axe

These limited-edition Axe bodies are the finishing touch for a total-custom marker project. These unique bodies represent the first production version of our fire milling style.

Built upon the success of our Mini VL frame, this version brings all the same advancements to the Axe platform. Also compatible with our drop forward and foregrip extender.

Replace the Mini/Axe stock foregrip with a new rounded upgrade.

This bolt-on accessory for all Minis and Axes will relocate your tank 3 inches forward and 1.5 inches down. This is a great option for all you front players trying to make one of the smallest markers even smaller!

Relocating your foregrip will create an entirely different feel on your Axe.

Use a threaded feedneck adapter ring to utilize an Empire-style latching feedneck with markers made for threaded feednecks.

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