Machined Swivel Banjo Macroline Fitting Item details: 1/8"-NPT hose fitting for use with any typical paintball macroline connection. The swiveling hose attachment acts as a "banjo" fitting which can be rotated to any angle, even when pressurized. The swivel is pressure-balanced so it can be moved anywhere anytime. The swivel housing is machined from solid aluminum with a smooth outside shape, while the threaded stem is machined from stainless steel. Use a 9/64" allen key to install and remove. Easily rebuildable and repairable.

Stem heights:
- "Short" stems are the default option that will be compatible with the vast majority of paintball equipment.
- "Long" stems are made for equipment that requires extra space below the hose connector.

Macroline swivel fitting Macroline swivel fitting Macroline swivel and straight fittings Fittings installed on N-Mag

  • Drop-in replacement for any 1/8"-NPT macroline connection.
  • Swivel banjo can be positioned to any angle anytime.
  • Lower profile compared to common industrial swivel fittings.
  • For use with 1/4-inch hose. Not compatible with 6-mm hose.
  • Rebuildable and repairable.
  • Threaded stem is machined from stainless steel; swivel fitting is machined from aluminum 7075-T651 and plated with type-2 anodizing.
    Included in the package:
  • Swivel banjo macroline fitting
  • Installation instructions

-Typical color/finish options: BLACK GLOSS, BLACK DUST, SILVER GLOSS
-The item is in stock if you are able to add-to-cart below. If not then the item is backordered.
-Most aluminum products are available as either gloss or dust finish. "Gloss" components are smooth and somewhat reflective. "Dust" components have a matte or diffused finish which is non-reflective. "Polished" components have been buffed to a high sheen/luster (uncommon for our standard products due to the cost involved).
-Raw items are usually available for custom marker builds. Raw items are sold as un-assembled kits, with internals packed separately.
-WARNING: Raw components MUST be anodized prior to use. Raw items are available for custom anodizing purposes only; they cannot be used as raw. Raw parts carry no factory warranty.

Machined swivel macroline fitting - SHORT STEM -"Short" swivel stems are the default size; they're intended to work with most paintball applications unless you need extra room beneath the fitting itself.

Status: Out of stock.

Machined swivel macroline fitting - LONG STEM -"Long" swivel stems will position the fitting further away from its mounting surface. Long stems are required for N-mag grip frames (on the frame itself), AGD Tac-One bodies, and some other equipment that has nearby components or milling that prevents the fitting from being installed.

Status: Out of stock.

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