Empire AxePro VLP frame Item details: Nummech's new "low pressure" VL grip frame combines the proven ergonomics of past upgrade frames along with a new set of performance enhancements built specifically for the AxePro 2015+ marker. This VLP grip frame features a comfortable palm shape with a slightly altered grip angle. The trigger's transition has also been smoothed out, while still maintaining compatibility with standard Axe triggers. On the inside, the air chamber design is entirely rebuilt; the VLP features a large secondary air chamber, made to increase the amount of energy to the firing valve by nearly a third.

AxePro VLP frame AxePro VLP frame AxePro VLP frame

The VLP frame's new air chamber increases the amount of air volume available to the firing valve for each shot. After installation, tests show most players are able to decrease their regulator air pressure when using the VLP grip frame. Ultimately this can lead to increased air efficiency, depending on the bolt and poppet combination. Best of all, the internal LP air chamber is sealed using standard o-rings and can be disassembled and rebuilt if required. Despite the huge design change, installing the VLP frame follows the same guidelines as the factory components.

  • Drop-in upgrade that requires no marker modifications
  • Re-use your existing trigger, foregrip, trigger guard, grips, and bolt quick-release button (compatible with virtually all AxePro parts)
  • Integrated low pressure air chamber concealed within the grip
  • Internally machined to reduce unnecessary weight
  • Enhanced frame ergonomics (frame angle, palm shape, trigger landing)
  • Integrated snatchgrip
  • Grip frame magnet can be pressed-out for reanodizing
  • Machined from solid billet aluminum 7075-T651 and plated with type-2 anodizing.
  • Lifetime limited warranty included
    Included in the package:
  • AxePro VLP frame with internal LP air chamber
  • Replacement screws (some stock hardware will be re-used)
  • Ball-rounded 9/64" allen key for installation
  • Installation instructions

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