Mini/Axe classic foregrip extender Item details: Nummech's Mini/Axe foregrip extender was created after the success of the older Mini extenders. This new foregrip extender attaches to the trigger guard's dovetail and is compatible with both Empire Mini and Axe markers. The foregrip is relocating over an inch forward. Best of all, the foregrip can still be easily removed after loosening the pair of dovetail set screws, just like the stock setup.

Compatible with Invert Mini, Empire Mini, and Empire Axe. Not compatible with Mini-GS, AxePro (2015+), or Axe 2.0 markers.

Universal foregrip extender Universal foregrip extender Universal foregrip extender installed on Mini Universal foregrip extender installed on Axe

  • Extends the foregrip 1.2 inches / 3-cm forward.
  • Drop-in upgrade that mimics the stock parts in both functionality and ease-of-maintenance.
  • No added wires.
  • Works with Invert Minis and Empire Axes, all circuit boards, and all foregrips. Not compatible with Mini-GS or Axe Pro.
  • Machined from solid billet aluminum 6061-T6 and plated with type-2 anodizing.
  • Lifetime limited warranty included; the internal circuit board carries a separate, unconditional lifetime warranty.
    Included in the package:
  • Integrated foregrip extender mount
  • New mounting hardware for the extender and foregrip
  • Circuit board "bridge" to form the electrical connections
  • Installation instructions

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