NMag Mech Grip Frame Item details: Nummech's N-Mag grip frames are built using a new approach to the typical Automag frame layout. This new design combines proven ergonomics of typical 72-degree Nummech grips with an integrated frame-routed air supply that removes most of the marker's external hoses. Only a short hose is required to connect the frame-to-valve.

Internally, N-Mag grip frames utilize common mechanical Automag parts such as triggers, sears, and safety buttons. The N-Mag frame is compatible with mechanical Automag rail/valve combinations such as the Minimag, Tac-One, RT Pro, RT ULE bodies, and others. Two options for trigger guards are available, depending on the foregrip's distance from the guard.

A new purging ASA valve is required to operate the frame-routed air supply, included with the basic frame upgrade kit. The frame has an integrated T-rail bottomline and #10-32 bolt-on ASA screw holes which can be used with external hoses.

N-Mag grip frames are internally machined for an optional pneumatic trigger valve kit which can be purchased at a later date. The basic frame upgrade kit includes plug hardware to seal the internal passages.

N-Mag grip frame N-Mag grip frame N-Mag grip frame N-Mag grip frame

  • Drop-in upgrade that requires no permanent marker modifications
  • Re-use your existing trigger and grips
  • Grip frame palm hump
  • Compatible with standard ".45 style" grip panels and wraps
  • Two choices of trigger guards are available, depending on foregrip position
  • Integrated air port drilled vertically through the grip, leading to a 1/8"-NPT air line connection
  • New low-profile safety button (included)
  • Trigger pin with lock screw (included)
  • Integrated trigger pre-travel adjustment screw (included)
  • Partially-concealed frame screw heads
  • (Optional) compatible with T-slot or bolt-on #10-32 ASA mounting systems
  • Gas-through tank shutoff ASA adapter with knurled knob
  • Machined from solid billet aluminum 7075-T651 and plated with type-2 anodizing.
  • Lifetime limited warranty included
    Included in the package:
  • N-Mag grip frame with one trigger guard
  • Safety button with spring-ball hardware
  • Internal blocker that can be removed if upgrading to pneumag trigger valve
  • Tank shutoff ASA with knob
  • New mounting hardware and grip panel screws
  • Replacement ASA o-rings
  • Installation instructions

Update February 2018: N-mag grip frames are currently on backorder while we make the second batch. We are also planning to make a single-trigger version at the same time, which will use the same internals. Hopefully the new frames will be available in May 2018.

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