GnB Underbore barrel kit This barrel system was a unique product for us because we typically avoid generic accessories. The exception to this rule is when our product quantifyably out-performs others in the same category. To this end, we created the GnB Underbore barrel along with our friends at Punkworks paintball and Thin Air Sports to push the concept of "underboring" - that is, use a barrel bore slightly smaller than your paint size. This has proven results over traditional bore sizing, including higher velocity at the same settings, heightened efficiency, and a quieter sound signature.
The Gnb Underbore barrel has been designed specifically for use with low pressure markers, which will see the most performance advantage.

GnB Underbore barrel GnB Underbore kit GnB Underbore barrel

  • Each kit consists of one(1) barrel front and three(3) interchangeable control bores.
  • Included control bore sizes: 0.680, 0.685, and 0.690
  • Total length when assembled is 14 inches (35.5-cm)
  • Control bores measure 8 inches (20.3-cm) in length
  • Barrel tip utilizes 30 degree angled porting
  • Tip porting grows progressively tighter toward the front
  • Each barrel back is engraved with its bore size
  • Each component is cylinder-honed using a superabrasive arbor to produce a microscopic cross hatch; smooth as glass

The GnB Underbore barrel kit was developed exclusively for Thin Air Sports.

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