Threaded feedneck boss adapters Item detals: Nummech's assortment of threaded adapter rings that allow using an Empire-spec latching feedneck with a marker that normally accepts threaded feednecks. The threaded adapter ring provides a mounting location that can accept any feedneck made to Empire's dimensions, from Nummech or otherwise.

Nummech offers a wide variety of adapters to suit many marker styles; each adapter is custom-fitted for the marker belonging to it. Most of Nummech's adapters will only fit one particular marker milling style even if the threads are shared between different markers (the height requirements are often incompatible). To purchase, select an adapter with the correct thread and sufficient height (listed below). Each adapter is engraved with an identifier on its inside surface.
"AGD 385" height: compatible with AGD ULE markers.
"AGD 535" height: compatible with AGD Tac-One markers.
"WDP 700" height: compatible with Angel G7, Arc Angel, or Angel A1.
"WDP 990" height: compatible with classic LCD/LED, Speed Angel, or Angel IR3.
"WDP 625" height: compatible with Fastback Autococker.
"WDP 640" height: compatible with FBM Autococker.
"SP 375" height: compatible with Empire Mini, Mini-GS, Axe, and AxePro.
"SP 450" height: compatible with Smart Parts Nerve, Impulse classic, and 2002 Planet Shocker Sport.
"SP 505" height: compatible with Smart Parts Shocker SFT (most body styles).
"SP 540" height: compatible with Smart Parts Strange Shocker SFT.
"SP 575" height: compatible with Smart Parts Dark Shocker SFT.
"SP 610" height: compatible with Smart Parts Nasty Shocker SFT.
"SP 650" height: compatible with Smart Parts classic Ion exoskeletons.
"NXT 575" height: compatible with Smart Parts Shocker NXT (most body styles).
"NXT 610" height: compatible with Smart Parts Shocktech Shocker NXT.
"NXT 485" height: compatible with DLX Luxe.
"DYE 560" height: compatible with Dye/GenE DM3 markers.
"FEP 360" height: compatible with FEP Quest.
"AKA 480" height: compatible with AKALMP Viking and Excalibur.

If you do not see your marker body listed, contact us and we can make you a custom adapter.

Automag ULE feedneck adapter Angel feedneck adapter SP feedneck adapters Mini/Axe feedneck adapters

Example photos are shown above. Each adapter ring is slightly different in size, but the outside appearance is similar.

  • Compatible with multiple markers.
  • Inside surface is engraved with the thread specification for identification.
  • Machined from solid billet aluminum 6061-T6 and plated with type-2 anodizing.
  • Lifetime limited warranty included.
    Included in the package:
  • Feedneck boss adapter
  • Installation instructions

Note: Delivery times are not guaranteed. Tracking is only available for shipments within the United States.

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